Show me the Data 2014 ! – March 27, 14:00-17:30  >>>  more information

“Show Me the Data” is an annual multidisciplinary course and public event. The course brings together students from different Master’s programs (at the University of Amsterdam, and previously also at the Utrecht Graduate School of Art and Design) to study data visualization – see their data visualization blog – and to jointly develop interactive data visualization projects.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of welcoming many inspiring guest speakers at our annual public events, such as Manuel LimaAlberto Cairo, Jan Willem Tulp, Jack van Wijk, Thomas Clever and other data visualization experts.

“Show Me the Data” was co-founded by Yuri Engelhardt and Marcel Worring in 2007/2008.  In addition to Yuri Engelhardt and Marcel Worring, the core academic teaching staff has included Bernhard Rieder, Raul Niño Zambrano, Esther Weltevrede, Almila Akdag and Michele Mauri.  We invite you to browse the “Shows” by clicking on years in the timeline above.

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